Why 2021 is Your Year for Home Improvements… and Season’s Greetings from Beamcalc.co.uk

Why 2021 is Your Year for Home Improvements… and Season’s Greetings from Beamcalc.co.uk. Firstly, merry Christmas from the Beamcalc team!

For many of us, 2020 is a year to remember for the many challenges we’ve faced. It’s certainly not been an easy ride.


But there are always positives!

The plans to bring the UK through this pandemic have instilled us with optimism about the future. For many people, spending so much time at home has given them new ideas about ways to improve the space they share with loved-ones.

2021 holds all the promise of a new beginning and a global commitment to succeed, both at home and at work. Many people in the UK are setting goals with a renewed determination. We’re all going to hit the ground running in the next year.

Here’s some reasons why 2021 is your year for home improvements:


House Prices are Rising

In many areas of the UK, house prices are rising. People have found they need more space and some are buying in more rural areas, driving market prices up. If you’ve found you need more room, rather than paying more for less, consider expanding what you already own. Loft conversions and extensions provide more space and they are cheaper, easier and less stressful than a house move.


Your New Normal may be Working from Home

During the past year, more people than ever before have worked from home. Plenty of them have decided it’s not only do-able, it’s a better solution for their future. If you’ve decided working from home suits you, you need a designated space. Home extensions and loft conversions are the ideal way to give you the space you need to succeed.


More Room for Leisure Activities

2020 has seen a massive rise in leisure activities such as reading and crafting. Anyone who crafts will tell you how their craft collection inevitably grows and takes up room. Reading is most enjoyable is a peaceful setting, an area of the house where you can enjoy your book undisturbed. A home extension or the conversion of another area of the house, such as the loft, is an economical and effective way of creating a sanctuary to enjoy for years to come.


We’ve spent a lot of Time at Home with Loved-Ones!

Your loved-ones may be your favourite people, but it’s no secret that everyone needs a bit of their own personal space. Time off work and school has meant people have been with those they love for probably more time than they ever have before. A home extension could be just the thing you and your family need to create more room for your busy lives.


Why Beamcalc.co.uk Makes Home Improvements Easier

Beamcalc.co.uk are the one-stop service to get you the building control approval you need for your construction projects in 2021. We provide everything from a single steel beam calculation for an internal alteration to full structural calculation packages for loft conversions and extensions.

Our service is simple to use. Email us your plans, or measured survey sketches, to take advantage of our fast and cost-effective steel beam calculation packages. We’re also on hand to offer friendly advice – however big or small your project is.


Just a reminder…

The Beamcalc.co.uk team are looking forward to a festive break to recharge their batteries for a busy year ahead. While they have a well-deserved rest, there will be no technical help available from December 18th to January 8th.

Have a great Christmas and let’s get ready for a wonderful 2021.


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