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Please ensure you provide both existing and proposed plan and elevation drawings to a recognized scale or fully dimensioned measured survey sketches in either PDF or CAD format. Providing us with plans, measured survey sketches and supplementary photographs enables us to give you a fee offer which is accurate to your requirements.

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  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, dwg, cad, tiff.
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  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, dwg, cad, tiff.
    (Max upload 30MB)
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, dwg, cad, tiff.
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  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, dwg, cad, tiff.
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How long does it take for structural calculations to be produced?

Our beam calculation packages usually take around 2 to 3 days for straight forward single beam calculations and minor schemes and 10 to 14 days for more complex arrangements from initial appointment to PDF issue and delivery.

We do have a priority ‘FASTRACK‘ service available for single beam calculations if time is a factor. Simply indicate if you would like this service in your initial enquiry and we can adjust our fees to suit. This service is only available for schemes presented to us before 10am. Your beam calculations will be emailed to you by close of business that same working day.

Please Note: At busy periods we may run over our estimated scheduled time scale but we will always keep you updated and you can email us any time for a progress update at

Do I need architect drawn plans to use this service?

Emailing us detailed Architectural plans allows us to consider the scheme holistically as often specialist supports and extra checks and calculations are required in addition to the main supporting steel beams to allow APPROVAL under Building Regulations 2010. We will always advise you if we feel additional checks and beam calculations are required and of any additional extra fee these may ecru.

​If the work is minor in nature, such as a simply supported steel beam, please email with your proposal in the first instance as we can often work from measured survey sketches and site photographs.

Please note for anything other than simply supported single beams we will only work from detailed Architectural plans to a recognised scale. The plans must include existing and proposed floor plans, elevations and sections, if available.  

If you wish to discuss your scheme please email us at or call 07376 805039 and we will be happy to discuss your proposals.

How much do structural calculations cost?

Our basic services start from £65.00+VAT. Please note we do not give fees out over the telephone. There is a lot more to inserting a steel beam into a building than stating an opening size!  We will only quote for work having first seen your Architectural plans or survey drawings. The drawings must include all floor plans and elevations and sections if available. You may think you only require a simple beam calculating but you may need other elements of structure looking at as a result of removing a load bearing wall. A common occurrence is when the wall to be removed is acting as a buttress to a supported wall, or removal would result in a slender pier being left. So please don’t ask for a fee over the telephone as we will politely refuse!

Take a look on our recent projects page for examples of some past schemes. No restrictions with!

Do you carry out site surveys?

Our core business is online working from detailed Architectural Plans, Specifications, and Photographs. This is how we are able to keep our fees at a cost-effective price as we do not need to charge for site visits which can cost up to £150+VAT per visit! However, we can visit your property to carry out a survey if we feel your Architect has not provided you with the details which we require to undertake our services. Please email us in the first instance or call us to discuss your requirements.

Our Fees are as follows:

Survey £150.00+VAT
​Inspection £150.00+VAT

Can you act as our agent with the local authority?

Yes we would be glad to assist you. We understand that finding an engineer and project managing information between Building Control and Builders can be frustrating and time consuming. We can act as your Appointed agent and deal directly with your Building Inspector on structural matters for a fixed fee of £100+VAT per application. Just let us know if you require this service at the time of your enquiry and we will adjust the fee accordingly.

How do I pay for your steel beam design service?

If you are happy with our fee offer we will simply email you an electronic invoice for the agreed fee amount. You can pay for our services quickly online with all major debit or credit cards or through our website dedicated payments portal. We now accept telephone card payments. Please note, we do not accept cheques.

​We take your security and privacy seriously and our online banking portal is secured by Worldpay and Norton.

Please note it is company policy that no calculations, sketches or drawings, leave our office until payment has been received in full.

Unfortunately due to a small minority, we needed to implement this strict policy of no payment no calculations.

What if building control ask for further information?

Our aim is to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our service and that you gain full Building Regulation approval. If Building Control ask for additional information due to an error or omission on our part we will provide this absolutely free of charge with no questions asked. If however you or your builder make changes to the design then additional fees will be payable based upon a minimum amendment fee of £85+VAT.

We charge a standard flat fee of £25.00+VAT for reissuing calculation packages.

Do you provide detail AutoCAD drawings with your service?

All of our calculation packages are supplemented with a general arrangement sketch, with exception to very detailed Architectural drawings. For an additional fee we are able to produce detailed AutoCAD detail drawings.  Please advise at the time of enquiry if you would like this service and we can adjust our fee to include this service.

I have received your realistic fee offer - how do I proceed with your service?

If you are happy with our realistic fee for a beam calculation or full structural package simply get in touch via email to confirm that you wish to proceed. We will then arrange for an electronic invoice to be sent and upon payment your scheme will be booked onto our system.

Are your calculations suitable for building control approval?

Our calculations are specifically produced to allow approval under the building regulations 2010. This is the nature of our business. They are in a recognised format which are readily accepted by Local Authority building control departments and private building inspectors.