Steel Beam Calculations – We’re here to help!

It seems incredible how fast the days pass, but 2020 is speeding along – here we are in February already. Signs of spring are starting to show outside and the birds will soon start nest building. It’s the time of year to start planning your own home improvements and, if you’re aiming big this year, time to start planning your domestic extension!

Making big changes to your home may seem daunting but, like many complex tasks, success comes with careful planning. If 2020 is the year you’re going to make your home improvement or extension dreams a reality, now is a great time to start your plans. Accurate, realistic plans ensure your building projects complete on time and without any unnecessary headaches. Building regulations and legislation are there to ensure your home is safe for you and your family, but it sometimes feels like you have to jump through way too many hoops!

That’s where are ready to help…

We assist homeowners to achieve Building Control approval. A major part of any home building project is the steel beams used to support the structure. Calculating the correct requirements for your project, including steel beam calculations is where we come in. Using your architectural drawings, we can complete your steel beam calculations quickly and accurately.

Our competitively priced service is uniquely tailored to meet the needs of each individual project, no matter how big or small. If you need a one-off steel beam calculation for an internal alteration, removing a load-bearing wall, opening up a new doorway or a structural ridge beam, we can help. We also provide full structural calculation packages for larger projects, including loft conversions, full extensions and complete new build projects.

We have years of experience and our small team genuinely love helping homeowners improve their homes. So, if you’re ready to ‘spring’ into action, let help you make sure your plans and steel beam calculations are right first time.

Want to find out more about our steel beam design calculation services? Get in contact with us today for a free and competitive quote via our easy-to-use online application form, by calling us on 0208 243 8618 or by email at

We understand the importance of getting accurate structural calculations when working on a domestic building project.