Steel beam calculation – what you need to know

We’re the experts in steel beam calculation and are specialists in domestic construction schemes throughout England and Wales. Let’s take a look at all you need to know when it comes to steel beam calculations.

What factors are taken into account when putting together a steel beam calculation? The main factors we look at are the kind of build you’re working on, the weight your beam is to support, and the length the beam should be. However, there are many aspects to consider and we look into every detail.

Is it necessary to invest in finding the correct steel beam calculations for your build? Absolutely. Your inspector will expect to see structural calculations of all kinds, steel beams included. This ensures  that you receive full Building Control approval on your build.

Gathering steel beam calculations also ensures that you and your clients are covered by professional indemnity insurance, in the unfortunate event that something were to go wrong. As expected, we carry £1m professional indemnity insurance for all our work and professional advice.

Are the right steel beam calculation service provider for me? Yes – All of our structural calculations are in full accordance with British standards and Eurocodes. We present calculations in a format that is readily accepted by Local Authority Building Control Departments and Approved Building Inspectors throughout England and Wales. Calculations sheets are produced in a recognised industry format for both builders and architects, and make for easy reference and approval by Building Control. We’re fully insured and are specialists in domestic construction.

Here at, we understand the importance of getting the correct size steel beam for you build and make sure your calculations arrive quickly. That’s why we work fast to get simple scheme calculations to you within 2 – 3 working days, and for larger schemes, we advise you of a timeframe so you know when to expect your calculations. Get your fast and affordable steel beam calculations now.