Steel Beam Design Service

Steel Beam Design Service Takes the Weight off You

Why Steel Beam Design is Vital for Your Project

Whether you’re planning a new build, an extension to your current dwelling or making significant changes to a building’s structure, the design phase of your project is crucial. Accurate calculations and forward planning ensure that your building work runs smoothly, without any frustrating delays or unforeseen problems that cost you time and money to rectify.

Of course, there’s no guesswork involved in building plans. Everything must be pinpoint accurate and avoiding oversights is important. Your plans need to take account of the planned usage of any structures, relevant building regulations and other legislative requirements. It can seem like a daunting process, but compliance means safety for you and your family and the longevity of your work.

One of the key factors involved is steel beam design. Steel beams are an essential part of the structural integrity and safety of any dwelling and there’s no ‘one size fits all’. Each beam involved needs to be designed to provide adequate support that’s tailored to the structure and purpose of the building.

Why Use Our Steel Beam Design Service

Our steel beam design service provides your calculations in a format accepted by Building Inspectors and Local Authority Building Control Departments. That means avoiding the common problem of plans being rejected based on incorrect presentation. Your plans will meet relevant British Standards and current Eurocodes, providing you with peace of mind that you’ve accounted for all the necessary requirements.

Using our service means that you’re guaranteed to get accurate steel beam plans created by our specialist software. Not only that, our team has extensive experience in producing calculations for both domestic and commercial projects of any size. Whether you need a one-off steel beam calculation for removal an internal structural wall or a service that provides multiple calculations for a whole new build, we have your needs covered:

  • A steel beam design service offering fast, cost-effective results
  • We carry professional indemnity insurance covering all our work
  • We offer in-depth advice and our team has decades of experience
  • We use cutting-edge structural engineering software
  • Our bespoke packages include comprehensive sketches and everything necessary for on-site reference
  • We also offer full AutoCAD designs if required (additional fees apply)
  • We’re here to offer any advice you need and our excellent reputation is built on helping architects, builders and homeowners throughout the UK

What to Do Now…

All we need from you is your plans or measured survey sketches to produce your calculations and associated designs.

Send us your details today and let the experts take the strain of your steel beam design, or give us a call if you’d like to find out more. We’re always happy to hear about your projects and no matter how complex your plans are, we’ll be able to help.

Call our team today on 0208 243 8618 (mobile: 07376 815 039) or fill in this form to get started now.