What size steel beam do I need?

Steel beams are a crucial aspect of a successful build – so it’s vital you pick the correct size beam to support your structure. The size you require can be drilled down to two main factors:

  1. the weight your beam is expected to support
  2. The length your steel beam needs to be

Here at beamcalc.co.uk, we take these two important factors to determine the size your beam needs to be to adequately support your build. There are other elements we take into account. Such as how the beam will be used and the type of structure it will be expected to support. We’ll also look how weight is distributed across the beam when it is in use. This all comes together to determine the exact size of your steel beam.

First, we look at the steel beam span length. This is the distance from the centre of one end bearing to the other. After looking at the size, depth and weight, we’ll look at how weight is distributed.

To calculate your steel beam correctly, we’ll need to know what type of load your beam is expected to support. Is it a Uniformly Distributed Load (where the load is evenly distributed), a Partial Uniformly Distributed Load (where the load is evenly distributed across part of the beam) or is it a Point Load (where there are different loads at certain points)? This information is crucial to your final steel beam calculations.

Then we consider other factors – deflection limits, safety factors and more. Once we’ve looked at every aspect of your plans, we work quickly to have your calculations delivered to you within 2 to 3 working days. Larger projects may take longer, but we will always advise you of the anticipated time frame so you know what to expect. We’re always available for project updates if you’re eager to know the status of your scheme. Send us your plans today to benefit from our bespoke, fast and affordable steel beam calculation service.