Steel Beam Calculations for Building Control Approval

How We Can Help With Steel Beam Calculations for Building Control Approval

Steel Beam Calculations for Building Control Approval

When you’re thinking about making structural changes to your home. After visualising your ideas and looking at making a plan, the next thing you need to think about is Building Control Approval.

And rightly so… if your plans don’t meet the sometimes complex Building Control Regulations, your work is guaranteed to be delayed. In some cases, you could even find that your planned dream extension, loft conversion or other structural change simply isn’t going to happen. That’s why it’s so important that Building Control considerations are a priority from the moment you start planning the work on your domestic or commercial property.

What is Building Control

All building work that is carried out in the UK must meet the current building codes and building regulations. This is primarily to ensure that structures are safe for purpose.

Building Regulations lay out the minimum standards that design, constructions and alterations must meet. These form the Building Regulations 2010 and included Approved Documents that provide guidance on meeting the legislation. These standards are created by the UK Government and approved by Parliament. They are subject to change from time to time. As such, plans must be drawn up with the current regulations considered.

You have to apply to your Local Authority Building Control department or a licenced Approved Inspector for building regulations approval. Bear in mind that building regulations approval is not the same as planning permission and you might need both for your project. Often people fall foul to this and simply do not understand that removing internal loadbearing walls requires building regulation approval.


How can Help with Steel Beam Calculations for Building Control Approval!

If all this sounds like a bit of a headache, it’s true that it can be. This is particularly the case when work is delayed or plans need to be redrawn.

Luckily, at, our small team have a wealth of experience in providing accurate steel beam and timber beam calculations that are in full accordance with British Standards and are suitable for Building Control approval. This means that your project won’t be stalled or halted by inaccurate or incorrect beam calculations.

Our beam calculations are supplied in an industry-standard format that is familiar to architects and building professionals. We even offer a premium, same day calculation service for simple beams.

Want to find out more about our Steel Beam Calculation Services? Get in contact with us today for a free and competitive quote via our easy-to-use online application form, by calling us on 0208 243 8618 or by email at

We understand the importance of getting accurate structural calculations when working on a domestic building project.