Steel Beam Calculations for Dormer Loft Conversions

Dormer Loft Conversion Structural Calculations

Are You Planning a Dormer Loft Conversion This Spring?


Spring is definitely in the air for most of us – give or take the odd day of the truly appalling weather we have learned to expect in the UK. With most days giving us a glimpse of the summer to come, it’s time to think about that dormer loft conversion you’ve been dreaming about.


After the cold winter months, spring is a time to take action! Mother’s day is on the 22nd of March – a month named after the Roman God Mars, associated with action and growth. With this in mind, March is the perfect time to start your dormer loft conversion plans and create your whole family (mum included) the perfect new living space!

Dormer Loft Conversions – More Space

A dormer loft conversion is a great way to maximise your space, create a wonderful multi-purpose room and add value to your home. In this type of loft conversion, dormer windows are added to increase your roof space’s volume and provide plenty of head-space. Dormer windows can be added to the rear, front or side of your property, providing you have the correct planning permissions.

Help with Structural Calculations for Loft Conversions

We are the experts when it comes to providing structural calculations for loft conversions and we specialise in dormer loft conversions.

All loft conversions need careful planning to meet building regulations – dormer loft conversions are no exception. In fact, this type of project has very specific areas to consider.

Tailored Structural Calculation Packages

Every structural calculation package we offer is tailored to your unique project. With dormer loft extensions and conversions, we look carefully at your architectural plans to address the need for modifications and strengthening, including structural ridge beams. With dormer-style extensions, a steel ridge beam is usually required to support the new flat-roof element.

Take the headache out of planning your dormer loft conversion. Talk to us about our structural calculation packages today.


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