Steel Beam Calculations for Bi-Fold Doors

Steel Beam Calculations for Doors

Steel Beam Calculations for Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are a popular alternative to traditional French or sliding doors. Their great looks and space-saving functionality mean they are fast becoming a favourite with home-improvers in the UK. These innovative doors work using a concertina effect. They’re made from several ‘leaves’ which fold back on themselves to open up the entire aperture.

Why Bi-Fold Doors?

  • Security wise, bi-folding doors are more secure and considered harder to break into than sliding or French doors.
  • Bi-fold doors are a great way of maximising space. Whereas traditional swing doors need floor clearance to open, bi-fold doors are designed to fold open on themselves.
  • Bi-fold doors are an attractive feature and selling point for your home. In some cases, it’s claimed they add up to 10% value to a property.
  • The use of glass in bi-fold doors increases natural light in the home. With clever design, they blend your inner and outer space seamlessly, opening up the interior of your home to your garden.


Steel Beam Calculations for Bi-Fold Doors

As more people look to make improvements to their homes, stress-free planning and simple, workable solutions are a top priority. Getting calculations and plans accurate from the beginning saves costly and frustrating delays further down the line.

If bi-fold doors are fitted in an internal load bearing or external wall, a steel or timber lintel beam must be used to maintain the property’s structural integrity.

Your building plans must include specifications for your steel or timber beams in line with building regulations.

Bi-fold doors don’t generally require planning permission as they are already covered by permitted development rights. However, if they are part of a planned alteration, they need to be included on plans and submitted for approval to your local authority building control department or approved inspector. A copy of your steel beam calculations will also be required. Can Help you with Steel Beam Calculations for Bi-Fold Doors. is your first port of call if you need beam calculations for bi-fold door projects. Our steel beam calculation service is accurate, reliable and we offer a super-quick service.

All calculation packages conform to to British Standards and Eurocodes and are delivered in an industry-standard format suitable for obtaining building control approval. The calculation sheets are easily followed by inspectors, architects and builders – meaning less headaches for you!

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